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Provide your service

or find Handyman for your request has never been so easy, just a click away.

Service App is the app for all your need. Whatever your need maintenance work done in your unit, groceries delivered or report fault. Service App is your fast and reliable Unit management solution.

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Friendly Interface

Application is designed so that everyone can search for services, just register with us and immediately start to search for service providers or look for service request.

Online Verification

App do the online verifications and connect you direct with the service provider only, there are nobody between.

Powerful Settings

The system allows you to manage Apartment financials, be in contact with building administrator or provide any service in any size area. Each service app user can promote his own services by sending mass notifications to ServieApp user's.

Super Fast Access

Immediate access to the apartment unit details, financials, Faults, communication's and all service providers in the application,


System will send you instant SMS, Email notification about important activities related to your Apartment or when an new created service request will be matching your settings.

Multi-language Support

ServiceApp support many Languages which could be chosen independent from a user location and preferences.

See How ServiceApp Works Exactly

in the ServiceApp you can set any amount services you want to offer, we will send you notifications to all and as long as you do not accept the service request, application is free of charge.

Create Account

Download app from the online store and register free account

Customize Profile

Please enter the required data so that we can locate you

Setup all Services

Set the types of services you want to offer and the area of ​​operation.


from now system will send you notification's matching your settings.

Complete list of service providers
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Plan your business strategy with ServiceApp

Looking for a Service request's, then register with us, there is no subscription's or monthly fee’s or anybody between you and customer. Service App will provide you with service request details and the rest is on you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a free trial?

The application is free of charge and you can test without restrictions. Payments for accepting a service request may be required depending on the country of registration.

How can I update or cancel my personal information?

Personal information can be viewed and edited in the Profile tab, Application allows you to edit your own data and refresh them in the event of changing the phone number or email.

How can I manage more orders already accepted?

ServiceApp displays all accepted orders. Each order can be saved in the phone's calendar for better time organization. You can set a reminder for each calendar entry so that you don't miss an appointment.

In what area can it offer my services?

ServiceApp does not have any territorial restrictions, the only thing you need to pay attention to is the country in which the registration was made and the area of operation.

How do I add a photo to an ServiceRequest?

It is possible to add a photo in the third step of the ordering process. Application allows you to add a photo from the phone.

What to do when I didn't receive any service requests notifications.?

In case you do not receive any notification for a while, we suggest adding additional services (there is no limit to the number) or increasing the area of operation.
Both settings can be edited in the profile tab.

Can I provide services in a language other than the official language?

ServiceApp is designed in such a way that everyone can provide services or search for a specialist in any language they like. The only requirement is that the service provider could contact and discuss the details with the service requestor.

Will there be a ServiceApp Android app?

ServiceApp is available on both platform - Android (5.5 or higher) and iOS.

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